If you would like to participate, please sign up on the vendor page!!

We are getting so excited about the market and are thrilled to have you participating! These are a few guidelines to help you prepare for the Nite Market.

SET-UP TIME WILL BEGIN AT 7PM. The market will run until midnight, unless unpredictable circumstances end it earlier, so be prepared to be there all night.
BREAKDOWN TIME WILL BEGIN AT MIDNIGHT and we ask that you be completely done and cleaned up by 1am at the latest.
There is no rain-check date; if it thunderstorms we will cancel, if it drizzles it’s on!

To participate in the market you will need to bring your own table/cart/surface area to sell your goods on. Each vendor can have a maximum of 4’ x 6’ of space along the sidewalk in front of the gallery. The sidewalks there are very large and wide and greatly accommodating.

You will also need to provide any utensils (forks, spoons, plates, napkins, sporks) you’re customers may need to eat your product if you will be selling ready-to-eat goods. If you are selling preserved/frozen/bottled/packaged-to-be-consumed-later goods then think about how your customer will get them home - i.e. bag, etc.

The Nite Market will not have electricity available to vendors. This is something we may offer at future Nite Markets, but for this one it’s a no go. We will be providing some overhead lighting in addition to the street lamps, but keep in mind that this is at night and you may want a flashlight for finding things under your table/around your space.

We will provide large trashcans in the area of the market. If you will be sampling something with toothpicks, etc. you may want to consider a small table top/curbside trashcan for your space.

We recommend that you only accept cash for sales. You will need to bring change for your customers, we will not have this available.

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding what you’ll be selling, set-up/breakdown, lighting, disposables, or if you’re dying to know our amazing recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie, yum.

If you need to call us with questions or on the day of the event, please call Natalie at 773-910-9711.

Thank you so much for participating in Chicago’s first ever Nite Market!! We know this will be an amazing event!

Happy Eats,
Natalie, Brad and Laura
Nite Market + DIRT Gallery